Parish of Barry, Angus, Scotland OPR

Burials 1746 to 1812

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status: transcribed to 18 Dec 1789

1746 - 1759 1760 - 1779 1780 - 1799 1800 - 1812


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1780 - 1799


William LINDSAY Indweller in Coatside buried... Janry. 12

Ann CRAWFORD, daughter to David CRAWFORD Tenant in Budden, buried... (Janry.) 15

Thomas ROBERTSON Son to David ROBERTSON in Panlothie was interred here... (Janry.) 18

James BINNIE in ground of Greenlawhill... (Janry.) 25

Elisabeth RAMSAY indweller in Newton of Panmure... Feby. 7

Elisabeth AIR spouse to Andrew CRAWFORD in Budden... (Feby.) 29

Susan LYALL Daughter to William LYALL Shoemaker in Kirktoun of Barry, interred... March 15

Barbara Daughter to Joseph GIBB at New mill of Panbride was interred here... (March) 16

Helen Daughter to James FOX Weaver in ground of Balmachy was interred here... April 13

David Son to David SMITH Weaver in ground of Deyhouse was interred here... (April) 15

George. Son to James FERRIER weaver in Barry... July 6

Elspet WALLACE a widow woman in Coatside... Sept. 1

James TEMPLEMAN in Barry, interred here... (no date listed for this entry)

Margaret IRELAND Relict of the deceased David SWORD in ground of Budden interred... Octr. 17


Isabel Daughter to David CRAWFORD in Budden & his spouse Elisabeth AIR interred... Janry. 29

William Son to Joseph GIBB in Panbride & his spouse Elisabeth KEIR? (could be HEIR) interred... March 7

Barbara FIFE Relict of William LINDSAY in Coatside... Ap. 28

James Son to David CRAMMOND & Margery LINDSAY at Brax Parish of Panbride... (Apr.) 29

William Son to Alexander WATSON in ground of Deyhouse & his spouse Marion BOOL... May 9

Helen Daughter to William RAMSAY & his spouse Magdalene FOX in ground of Balmachy... (May) 16

Mary FIFE Relict of the deceased (blank) SCOTT in ground of Coatside interred... July 27

Robert HERAULD Servant in ground of Coatside int'd... Septr. 18

Barbara Daughter to David PATERSON Tenant in ground of Greenlowhill & his spouse Janet LORIMER... Octr. 9

Andrew Son to David PATERSON in Do. Interred... (Octr.) 20

John & Helen Son & Daughter to David KYD Shoemaker in Barry hill & his spouse Christian TURNBULL, were interred... Octr. 31

James Son to John PATERSON in Drum & his spouse Janet TASKER, was interred... Novr. 5

John GUTHRIE in ground of Budden intrd... (Novr.) 17

Euphane TASKER Widow of the Deceased James FIFE Taylor in Carnousty, was interred... Decr. 25


George HOGG Son to William HOGG & his spouse Elizabeth STEWART in Path head parish of Panbride... Jany. 5

Agnes BROWN from Muirdrum parish of Panbride... (Jany.) 18

Magdalan FERRIER Relict of Andrew PARIS ground of Carnousty... (Jany.) 21

Beatrice BLACK Spouse to David STRACHAN in Dundee... (Jany.) 26

James SIM Spouse to the deceased Margt. ANDERSON, Barry... Febry. 18

James GUILD spouse to Elspet GIBSON in ground of Cowbyres... (Febry.) 25

William PATERSON Son to John PATERSON & his spouse Jannet TASKER in Drum parish of Monikie... March 10

Alexr. COWPER Son to John COWPER & his spouse Margt. WHITTON sometime in ground of Cottside... (March) 12

William HOGG Spouse to Elizabeth STEWART in Path-head parish of Panbride... (March) 18

George ESPLINE Spouse to Margaret MUIRISON in ground of Deyhouse... Ap. 3

Jean HILL Spouse to Alexr. HACKNEY tenant in Cottside... (Apr.) 11

Robert IRELAND Spouse to the deceased Elspet SCOTT in Firth? parish of Panbride... (Apr.) 27

David SHIELD Spouse to Isabel PETRIE in Carnegie parish of Carmylie... May 8

Margaret SKIRLING Spouse to Robert SIM Laird of Greenlawhill... (May) 25

John SCOTT Spouse to Kathrine RAMSAY in Barrymuir... (May) 29

William ORMOND Son to William ORMOND & his spouse Mary GOURDIE in Barrymuir... June 13

William GUILD Son to Alexr. GUILD Drum sturdy-muir parish of Monifieth... (June) 26

Ann FOX Relict of the deceased James FERRIER in Cowbyres... (June) 27

Jean JOHNSTON spouse to George WATT taylor in Panbride... July 16

Euphan FIFE Daughter to David FIFE & his spouse Janet HENDERSON in ground of Carnousty... (July) 31

Jean SMITH Spouse to William FIFE in Ochrenny parish of Panbride... Septr. 28

Robert GRAY Spouse to Janet CLARK?, in ground of Budden... Octr. 1

William FIFE Spouse of the deceased Jean SMITH in Ochrenny... (Octr.) 7

John HOGG Weaver in Guildie parish of Monikie... Octr. 19

David BALLRINY? in Baluissie parish of Panbride inter'd at Panbride... Novr. 12

Margt. AIR Relict of the deceased David CRAWFORD in Cottside... (Novr.) 16

Alexr. RAE Son to Alexander RAE & his spouse Ann ROBERTSON in Barry hills... Decr. 21


James WILSON Spouse to Elspet PETER in Drumsturdymuir parish of Monefieth... Janry. 7

James KYD Spouse to the deceased Jean FIFE in Bentheads... (Janry.) 17

Elspet PETER Relict of the deceased James WILSON in Drumsturdymuir parish of Monefieth... (Janry.) 20

Barbara DORWARD Spouse to John SCOTT Miller at Nether mill of Barry... Feby. 11

George FIFE Son to David FIFE wright in ground of Balmachie in parish of Panbride & his spouse Isabel GOURLAY... March 1

Alice MOWAT Relict of the deceased Robt. WATT, weaver in Barry... (March) 7

Henry SCOTT Son to John SCOTT & his spouse Jean SHANKS in Barrymuir... (March) 11

Margt. FIFE Daughter to David FIFE & his spouse Isabel GOURLAY in ground of Balmachie parish of Panbride... April 23

Jean AIMER Spouse to David MILN in ground of Carnousty... May 6

George FIFE Taylor in ground of Carnousty, spouse to Margaret GRAY... June 10

James SOUTAR Son to David SOUTAR & his spouse Jean LOW in Cowpark, ground of Coatside... July 28

Thomas KYD Son to David KYD Tenant in Carnousty & his spouse Jean SMITH, was interred... Septr. 13

James FIFE Son to David FIFE & Isabol GOURLAY Balmachie... (Septr.) 15

William ROBERTSON Son to Da: ROBERTSON & his spouse Isabel SOUTAR West third? Panlothie parish Panbride... Octr. 10

Jean FERRIER Daughter to James FERRIER & Jean BROWN Moston... (Octr.) 27

James CANT Son to Geo: CANT & Margt. BOUTCHART... (Octr.) 11?

John CHRISTIE Spouse to Grizel NAVE Nether moston... Novr. 1

Agnes WHITTON Daughter to Thomas WHITTON ground of Carnousty & his spouse Margt. RITCHIE... (Novr.) 21

Isabel WHITTON Daughter to Do. in Do. ... Decr. 28


Janet FAULD Relict of ye deceased Alexr. WEBSTER tenant? in Miln head of Barry interred... Janry. 7

Isabel HACKNEY daughter to John HACKNEY Vintner West haven & his spouse Elspet JOHNSTON, interred... (Janry.) 20

George GUTHRIE Son to Robert GUTHRIE in ground of Budden & his spouse Isabel GUILD interred... Febry. 15

John SWORD son of the deceased David SWORD ground of Budden & his spouse (blank) * PF *... (Febry.) 24

Elizabeth NICOL Daughter of David NICHOL in Nether Moston & his spouse Margt. HEPBURN, interred... Ap. 5

Isabel RAE Daughter to Alexr. RAE & Ann ROBERTSON... May 15

William SHIELD Son to James SHIELD in Denhead & his spouse Helen SHIELD, interred... (May) 22

Alexander LINDSAY Shepherd in Budden husband to Euphan WATT was interred... (May) 29

Robert WARDEN Spouse to Jean PHILIP in West Mains parish of Panbride was interred * PF *... July 26

Augt. 3 - KYD John, Son to Robert KYD, weaver in Lochside & his spouse Mary BOWMAN was interred.

(Augt.) 6 - SHIELD Margt. - Daughter to Isabel PETRIE in Guildie, Monikie Parish, widow of the deceased James SHIELD, was interred.

(Augt.) 12 - NEWTON Mr. George from Arbroath, spouse to Elizabeth HACKNEY there, was interred.

Sept. 25 - GUILD Alexander, Spouse to Anne SIBBALD Drumsturdy Moor Parish of Monifieth, was interred.

Novr. 15 - BOWMAN Margaret, Spouse to John WILSON Mason Temple hall Parish of Monifieth, was interred.

Decr. 2 - JOHNSTON Elspet, Spouse to John HACKNEY Vintner in West haven Parish of Panbride, was interred.

(Decr.) 14 - WILSON Matilda, daughter to John WILSON in Templehall, Monifieth, & Margt. BOWMAN his deceased spouse, was interred.

(Decr.) 21 - PHILIP Jean, Widow of the deceased Robert WARDEN lately in West Mains parish of Panbride was interred. P.F.


Janry. 28 - BOUTCHART Robert, Spouse to Helen BROWN, in ground of Deyhouse, by trade a weaver, was interred.

Febry. 5 - FARQUHAR Marion, daughter to William FARQUHAR Day-labourer in Barry & his Spouse Marion RAMSAY, was interred.

March 8 - SCOTT William, husband to Barbara THORNTON in Cotton of Balhungie Monikie-Parish, was interred.

(March) 31 - KYD John, Son to David KYD Shoemaker in Barryhills & his spouse Christian TURNBULL, was interred.

Apr. 9 - RAMSAY Alexander, Son to David RAMSAY Day-labourer in Ground of Ravensbay & his Spouse Anne ADAM, was interred. P.F.

Apr. 9 - DALRYMPLE David, Spouse to the deceased Janet WATT, in Nether Moston, was interred. P.F.

May 2 - CRAWFORD Agnes, Spouse to William STRACHAN Elsineur, was interred.

May 25 - MILNE Marion, daughter to William MILNE in Elsineur & his Spouse Jean CRAWFORD, was interred.

June 17 - AIRTH James, Smith in Barry, Spouse to Jean COULLIE, was interred.

July 12 - BLACK Sarah, Spouse to the deceased Robert BARRY Weaver in Upper-moston, was interred.

Sept. 18 - SHAND Alexander, Son to John SHAND in Budden & his spouse Elizabeth LINDSAY, was interred.

Sept. 22 - NEISH Elizabeth, in ground of Carnoustie was interred. P.F.

Octr. 4 - STRACHAN David, Son to Alexander STRACHAN in ground of Budden & his sposuse Grizzel SCOTT, was interred.

Octr. 12 - COUPAR David, Son to the deceased John COUPAR sometime in ground of Balhungie & Marg. WHITTON his spouse, was interred.

Octr. 19 - PATON Grizzel, Spouse to the deceased Robert LIDDEL in Hill of Dundee, was interred.

Octr. 28 - KEY James, Spouse to Agnes NEAVE in Bent-heads, was interred. P.F.

Novr. 9 - DICK Margaret, Spouse to Robert SIM younger of Greenlawhill, Farmer in Panlathie, parish of Arbirlot, was interred.

Novr. ? - BLACK William, Son to John BLACK Weaver in Balmachie Parish of Panbride & his Spouse Margt. SCOTT, was interred.

Decr. 7 - GOURLAY Alexander, Son to George GOURLAY Cowan at Upper Mill of Barry and his spouse Isobel GOODALE, was interred.

Decr. 14 - COUPAR James, Spouse to Isabel PATERSON in ground of Woodhill, was interred.


Jan. 20 - GUILD Agnes, daughter to Andrew GUILD Weaver in Cotside and his Spouse Barbara IRELAND, was interred.

Jan. 21 - CANT John, Son to George CANT Taylor in Barry-muir and his Spouse Margaret BOUTCHART, was interred.

Jan. 26 - HENDERSON Elspet, spouse to John TARRON day-labourer in Cotton of Cambustown in the parish of Monikie, was interred.

March 14 - ANDERSON Isobel, spouse to John GRAHAM Flax-dresser in Dundee, was interred.

April 3 - ESPLINE George, Son to George ESPLINE late Weaver in Deyhouse & his spouse Ann HOG both deceased, was interred.

May 16 - MITCHELL Janet, Spouse to the deceased John WILSON, sometime residenter in parish of Dunnichen, brought from Drumsturdy-moor, was interred.

June 11 - TASKER Janet, Spouse to John PATERSON day-labourer in Drum of Balhungie, Monikie-parish, was interred.

Novr. 18 - BLACK Magdalene, Spouse to Gilbert BARRY sometime weaver in ground of Carnoustie, was interred. P.F.

Novr. 27 - CHRYSTAL Ann, daughter to Francis CHRYSTAL Taylor in West Ferry parish of Dundee, was interred.

Decr. 6 - MURIE or MUNIE? George, of Sime-kills, Shipmaster, drowned in attempting to take ? (illegible) river Tay, was cast in by the sea at the sand hills, & interred here.

Decr. 27 - STEPHEN Jean, daughter to James STEPHEN Merchant in Barry & his spouse Mary SCOTT, was interred.


Jan. 14 - YOUNG John, Son to Thomas YOUNG Tenant in Deyhouse and his spouse Anne FIFE, was interred.

Mar. 29 - GRAY May, Daughter to Alexr. GRAY and Isobel ANDERSONE interred here.

Apr. 3 - RAMSAY David, Husband to Ann ADAM Ravensbay, interred here.

May 2 - IRELAND Barbara, Daughter to James IRELAND Firth and his Spouse Margaret HENDRY, interred here.

May 23 - BLACK Andrew, West haven Son to Patrick BLACK and Nanse BEANIE, was interred.

Novr. 4 - SIM Robert, Greenlawhill, was interred.

Novr. 5 - RAE Thomas, Husband to Ann JOHNSTON, interred here.

Novr. 8 - CHIELD James, Arbroath Husband to Christian CLARK, interred here.

Novr. 13 - COUPAR Margt., Daughter to David COUPAR Gr. of Omachie.

Decr. 27 - OGILVIE William, Son of William OGILVIE and Bell? ANDERSON Gr. of Carnoustie Interred here.


Janry. 2 - TRUMBEL Patrick, Son of David TRUMBEL and Christian JOHNSTON Interred here.

Janry. 8 - MITCHEL Jean, Servant to David JAMISON Couper. Interred here.

Janry. 9 - ESPLINE Thomas, Husband to Elspeth GUILD, Interred here.

Janry. 30 - BLACK Kathren, Spouse to George ANDERSON Carnoustie. Interred.

Febry. 16 - MILL Robert, Servant to James ANDERSON Carnoustie, Interred here.

March 4 - FOX Ann, Monikie Spouse to Alexr. GUILD Interred here.

March 7 - SHAND Jean, Balskellie  Interred here.

April 26 - WHITTON Margaret, Spouse to John COUPAR Interred here.

May 6 - BEAT Gilbert, Gardner

Septr. 18 - LAMB Peter, Son of James LAMB Brewer Watery Buts.

Octr. 7 - BAISLER William, Son of Robert BAISLER, Dundee and Magdalene BULL his spouse Interred here.

Novr. 14 - SCOTT Robert, Husband to Margt. FYFFE interred here.

Decr. 3 - MUIR Isobel, Spouse to John RAMSAY Interred here.

Decr. 11 - BEATTIE James, Son of Joseph BEATTIE Labourer to grange of Barry.


Janry. 3 - HACKNEY John, Wright Barry Husband to Margt. ANDERSON Interred.

Janry. 7 - KEILLER Jean, Daughter of Alexr. KEILLER Weaver Easthaven and Jannet SCOTT his Spouse Interred here.

Janry. 8 - WHITTON George, Son of Robert WHITTON Weaver Barrie and Agnes GUILD his Spouse Interred here.

Janry. 28 - DALRYMPLE Hellen, Spouse to William CANT Taylor Ballskillie Interred here.

Febry. 13 - WHITTON Thomas, Son of Robert WHITTON Weaver Cowbyres and Ann GUILD his Spouse. Interred here.

March 14 - BLACK William, Son of William BLACK Weaver Dundee and his Spouse Jannet YOUNG Interred here.

April 6 - HERON James, Son to John HERON Moniefieth and Hellon BROWN his Spouse Interred here.

April 14 - WATT Ann, Daughter of James WATT Weaver Barrie and his Spouse Jean PHILP (PHILIP?) Interred here.

May 6 - STORRIER John, Carnoustie Interred here.

May 23 - BLACK Isobel, Daughter of Wim. BLACK Weaver Barry Interred.

June 6 - FERRIER James, parish of Forgan Fife shire drowned in the river Tay. poor. Interred here.

June 11 - JOHNSTONE Margt., Spouse to Wm. JOHNSTONE Watery Butts Interd.

June 13 - HERON David, Son of John HERON Miller Moniefieth and Helen BROWN his Spouse Interred here.

June 20 - KYD Isobel, Barrie Interred here.

August 11 - ADAM Elizabeth, Spouse to David SMITH Labourer Ballskillie Interred here.

August 17 - FYFFE David, Son of David FYFFE Wright Balmachie and Jannet HENDERSON his Spouse Interred here.

August 18 - THOMSON Barbary, Monikie Spouse to William SCOTT Day Labourer Interred here.

Sept. 26 - CHRYSTIE David, Weaver Cotside Husband to Elizabeth BLACK Interred here.

Decr. 17 - PATTERSON Thomas, Weaver Monikie Interred here.

Decr. 18 - BLACK Elizabeth, Daughter of George BLACK Panbride and Margaret LOWSON his Spouse Interred here.

1746 - 1759 1760 - 1779 1780 - 1799 1800 - 1812


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