Parish Register Marriages PR3 1743 - 1754

East Meon, Hampshire

Marriages Sorted by Female Maiden Name
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Christian Name Maiden Name Christian Name Surname Date Year
Mary Baker Anthony Palmer 1-Dec 1745
Elizabeth Barlow James Collins 20-Sep 1745
Elizabeth Beanes? John Welsh 18-Dec 1746
Anne Boyes Thomas Ansell 10-Jul 1752
Mary Bray William Blaketon 4-Oct 1753
Olive Brewer Richard Collins? 29-Apr 1748
Rebecca Brown James Love 10-May 1748
Mary Carter John White 26-Jan 1745
Mary Chase Henry Hide 2-Jul 1749
Elizabeth Clarke Thomas Fleet 17-Jul 1744
Mary Clarke Joseph Aburrow 20-Oct 1746
Mary Cluer Richard Porter 29-Oct 1745
Mary Coombes William Roe 1-Oct 1752
Edith Dobson James Burnett 23-May 1746
Mary Fay Thomas Brewer 26-Jan 1745
Mary Fielder John Whitear 21-Nov 1753
Elizabeth Fine Stephen Aburrow 2-Jul 1744
Mary Gale William Lock 24-Jan 1744
Alice  Gogate? Richard Midwinter 20-Sep 1746
Mary Guy William Welsh 1-Oct 1747
Mary Hills George Brewer 13-Oct 1748
Mary Hogsflesh? Robert Burden 30-Sep 1746
Mary Hudson William Knight 20-May 1749
Elizabeth Kelsey John Tribe 6-Nov 1748
Elizabeth Kille? John White 28-Sep 1748
Anne Lasham Charles Cowper 20-Oct 1752
Anne Long John Habbin 26-Apr 1743
Elizabeth Love John Long 3-Apr 1749
Elizabeth Lutman William Symes 4-Oct 1744
Mary Manger Richard Parvin 31-Mar 1746
Mary Manton? Richard Aldridge 12-Jan 1749
Margarat Maryhall? Robert Perrett 8-May 1749
Mary Maygrove Samuel Read 6-Apr 1746
Mary McBurney Richard Mills 11-May 1751
Mary Mills? Samuel Kiln 5-Oct 1749
Elizabeth Naish Joseph Tribe 2-Feb 1745
Sarah Newman John Welsh 26-Jul 1752
Mary Noyce William Sherger 6-Oct 1746
Mary Page Richard Foster 26-Dec 1750
Katharine Parkins John Holmes 29-Sep 1745
Mary Parvin Thomas Brown 20-Oct 1752
Betty Parvin William Page 1-Jan 1754
Sarah Perret William Love? 29-Apr 1748
Elizabeth Pinkes Stephen Woodman 6-May 1746
Martha Ray Richard Payne 14-Apr 1751
Mary Reading William Alderslade 27-Feb 1753
Elizabeth Restall Richard Lock 29-Dec 1743
Sarah Roads James Wells 3-May 1748
Mary Sharp? Henry Norgate 7-Nov 1751
Elizabeth Deborah Shorrock George Marshall 29-Mar 1752
Mary Spinsted? George Habin 18-Nov 1751
Anne Steel Randal Clarke 30-May 1745
Elizabeth Steel Robert Steel 14-Oct 1745
Mary Sylvester John Brightwell 1-May 1745
Anne Tribe William Inwood 26-Mar 1749
Elizabeth Tribe William Groves 22-Oct 1753
Elizabeth Waller John Pratt 12-Jan 1749
Elizabeth Welsh Frances Lilywhite 17-Oct 1743
Anne Wood? George Ayling 4-Jul 1751
Sarah Woods William Stevens 19-Feb 1751

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