Parish Register Marriages PR2 1677 - 1742

East Meon, Hampshire
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First Name Maiden Name First Name Last Name Day/Mth Year Notes
Elizabeth Adams Samuel Kill 01-Oct 1716  
Elizabeth Aldridge Thomas Pitt? 28-Sep 1687  
Elizabeth Aldridge William Restidor? 12-Nov 1728 he of Buriton
Lucy Andrews Richard Forder 29-May 1704  
Martha Andrews Thomas Langrish 13-Feb 1707  
Benedicta Ansell Edmund Blundon 21-Feb 1697  
Sarah Aslett Thomas Leg 22-Oct 1738  
Mary Aslett Joseph Wheatley 13-Feb 1714 he of Ropley, she of Colemore
Mary Atkins? John Musgrove 14-Jul 1681  
Anne Aylward John Boys 01-Oct 1716  
Elizabeth Baker John Harmon 08-Oct 1704 he of Hambledon
Anne Baker Robert Stiggant 02-Apr 1722 he of Warblington, she of Havant
Sarah Banks James Taibnar? 21-Oct 1718 he of Rogate, Sussex, she of Steep
Martha Barton Thomas Hodgkin 06-May 1705 she of Hinton
Mary Bayley Peter Stiggant 04-Oct 1705  
Elizabeth Beaconfield? Edward Norton? 07-May 1698  
Mary Bean Edmund Burton 13-Oct 1709 he of Havant, she of Hambledon
Mary Bean John Stewart? 07-Sep 1705 she of Privett
Marjory? Berkengate? John Barton 07-Jun 1684  
Margaret Binsted William Frances 02-Oct 1732  
Margaret Blaze William Privett 21-Jun 1717  
Elizabeth Blunden James Guy 14-Apr 1734  
Elizabeth Bonner Thomas Boun 29-Sep 1694  
Mary Booker Philip Bassett 13-Jan 1704  
Margaret Booker John Binsted 25-Jul 1709  
Elizabeth Booker Thomas Hill 02-Feb 1719 she a widow
Alice Booker John Langrish 30-Jul 1694  
Jane Boonsted Richard Lois? 20-Jan 1681  
Mary Box Thomas Langrish 29-Oct 1677  
Elizabeth Box Thomas Pitt 06-May 1677  
Katherine Boyes William Foster 24-Apr 1707  
Anne Bradley Richard Cozen 26-Sep 1716 he of Cheriton, she of Hinton-Ampner
Anne Brewer John Barton 26-May 1702  
Jane Bricknell John Harding 23-Oct 1711 he of Kilmiston
Anne Browne William Box 16-Dec 1720  
Martha Browne Richard Long 21-Dec 1738  
Ann Budd Henry Cxxxxxxx? 11-Feb 1695  
Elizabeth Bulbeck Henry Barrat 26-Sep 1692  
Mary Bulbeck Thomas Hill 29-Sep 1715  
Margery Bulbeck John Luff 16-Oct 1686  
Mary Bulbeck Peter Luff 31-Dec 1734  
Mary Bulbeck William Newland 12-Apr 1692  
Anne Bulbeck Thomas Pink 27-Nov 1684  
Clare Bulbeck Henry Read 14-May 1700 He of Sussex
Elizabeth Bulbeck Thomas Wigmane 28-Nov 1698  
Mary Burgess John Wells 11-Nov 1722 he of Buriton, she of St Martins in the field, London, a widow
Martha Burnett John Bowley 27-Oct 1726 he junior of Chichester
Sarah Carter Job Allingham 11-Jan 1680  
Katherine Cartlidge Henry Perkins 21-Jun 1724 he of Petersfield
Elizabeth Cartridge William Steele 20-Apr 1697  
Frances Castle William Harding 28-Nov 1714 she of Englefield in Berkshire
Katherine Chanhill? Roger Gale? 20-Nov 1694  
Jane Charnitt? xxxxxx Habin 24-Oct 1692  
Mary Chase John Mersh 28-Dec 1741  
Ann Chittey Thomas Pink 29-May 1693  
Lucy Clovely? John Parvin 15-May 1705  
Hannah Cluer John Steward 04-Feb 1739  
Anne Coiny? John Parvin 16-Jun 1728  
Ann Cole John Compton 17-Aug 1701  
Martha Cole Thomas Strugnall 19-Nov 1705 He of Droxford
Margory Cole Richard Valler 11-Jun 1704 live at Hambeldon
Mary Collins William Cauley 04-Sep 1716 he of Brimhill. Wiltshire
Dorothy Collins William Pockormoss? 05-Jun 1721  
Elizabeth Collins William Smith  04-May 1739  
Mary Compton Peter Chursley? 12-May 1686  
Mary Compton Henry Lancaster 21-Jan 1733  
Anne Constance James Carpenter 02-Nov 1726  
Elizabeth Constant Richard Langrish 09-Feb 1708  
Anne Conyston Richard Smith  03-Jun 1729  
Joan Cooper Richard Russell 13-Jan 1690  
Joan Cooper Robert Sail 03-Jul 1706 both of Fareham
Elizabeth Cooper John Sylvester 09-Feb 1705  
Anne Cooper John Sylvester 29-Nov 1705  
Rebbeca Cooper William Tilly 05-Sep 1714  
Mary Corps Richard Luckings 14-Sep 1729 he of Buriton
Anne Corps John Millard 01-Nov 1688  
Mary Cowley William Cleverly 07-Oct 1739  
Anne Crib? Henry Boyes 11-May 1680  
Jane Crockford John Baker 29-Mar 1692  
Mary Dee Noah Britwell 14-Jan 1723  
Sarah Dee Richard Page 25-Nov 1725  
Anne Doan? Isaac xxxxxxxx 21-Jul 1702  
Katherine Downes James Hanscombe 30-Mar 1714 he of Mepersal in Bedford, Clerk
Martha Drewet William Bone 07-Apr 1730  
Elizabeth Dumper Richard Poynter 28-Jul 1717 he of Elton, she of Warnford
Ann Eames John Legge 02-Nov 1691  
Deborah Eiles Frances Whodston? 08-May 1684  
Anne Ellis James Garrett 03-May 1715 he a Mr. Of Portsmouth, she a Mrs of Portsea
Eliza? Ellis? Richard Biden 23-Jun 1701 He of Chalton, She of Exton
Alice Fleet Anthony Budd 27-Aug 1709 she of Chalton
Lucy Ford Richard Downes? 17-Sep 1721  
Elizabeth Foster Richard Coles 31-Mar 1706  
Sarah Foster Thomas Leg 22-Nov 1736  
Mary Frond? Richard Wilson 18-Nov 1694  
Susannah Fry Thomas Chase 10-Jul 1710  
Katherine Gale William Smith  05-Jun 1721  
Elizabeth Gamon Richard Parvin 02-Nov 1714  
Sarah Gibbard? William xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 1689  
Mercy Godwin William Cruise 28-Sep 1714 he of Wickham, she of Hambledon
Elizabeth Godwin William West 13-Oct 1715  
Ann Godwin? Jasper Guy 12-May 1694  
Mary Goodson William Sharnier? 08-Oct 1705  
Bess? Goodwin Micheal Ross 06-Jan 1706 both of Bishops Sutton
Mary Gregory Richard Lyde 22-May 1716  
Bridgett Griffin Nicholas Aslett 19-Nov 1705  
Mary Griffin Richard Gilburt 15-Feb 1718 he of Ropley she of Hinton Ampner
Elizabeth Grossmith William Bradley 29-May 1710 he of New Alresford, she of Waltham
Elizabeth Gull William Stiggant 24-Dec 1705 she of Wickham
Mary Guy Thomas Browne 14-Jun 1715  
Anne Guy John Lasham 03-Oct 1725  
Rachel Guy Richard Welsh 30-Sep 1741  
Mary Habin Micheal Kent 28-Sep 1727 he junior
Mary Hall Richard Long 11-Apr 1703  
Elizabeth Hamman John Hossier 26-Jul 1680  
xxxxxx Hammond Thomas xxxxxxxx 03-Oct 1685  
Jane Hance William Yates 11-Nov 1712  
Sarah Harfield John Carter 25-Sep 1726 she of Westbury
Mary Harmsworth William Chase 23-Mar 1714  
Margaret Harris Robert Bricknell 04-Nov 1714  
Mary Hartford Joseph Cowdry 09-Oct 1712 he of Lysse, she of Hambeldon
Elizabeth Heather John Bessant 18-Nov 1718  
Margory Heather John Pink 23-Apr 1677  
Elizabeth Heather William Prince? 13-Jan 1681  
Sarah Heb William Green 17-Jun 1713  
Anne Hewitt Thomas Waller 03-May 1708 she of West Tisted
Mary Hickman John Liming 25-Oct 1714 he of Greatham, she of Lysse
Mary Hill Richard Crosswell 16-Apr 1677  
Ann Hillier John Scot 07-Oct 1698  
Joan Hills Christopher Bradley 07-Jul 1705 he of Hinton
Anne Hoare Thomas Bone 24-Apr 1739  
Elizabeth Hob Richard Webb 01-Oct 1706  
Mercy Hobbs Richard Tribe 02-Jun 1694  
Mary Hockley Peter Knight 21-Jan 1686  
Elizabeth Hollyer John Restall 08-Jun 1732 he junior
Anne Hooke? Joseph Woodman 24-Nov 1686  
Joan Horner William Sylvester 18-Nov 1703  
Anne Horspool Richard Eames 09-Sep 1713 he of Mapledurham, she a widow of Petersfield
Mary Howard Andrew Lock 03-May 1687  
Elizabeth Humley? John? Padwick 29-Nov 1739  
Mary Hunt William Harris 05-Apr 1714  
Sarah Hxxxxxxxx? Richard Foster 16-Sep 1728  
Hanna James William Parnell 24-Sep 1691  
Reginna? James Richard Tauk 10-Oct 1684  
Mary Jarman Joseph Smith? 20-May 1697  
Elizabeth Jarmin? Arthur Mossxxx? 09-Feb 1686  
Catherine Johns? George xagg? 06-Feb 1689  
Elizabeth Joy Nicholas Hobb 27-Oct 1687  
Anne Joy Arthur Wolfe 16-Nov 1687  
Elizabeth Judd? John Newlin 13-Sep 1705 she of B/Waltham
Elizabeth Kiln William Carter 22-Oct 1732  
Ann King? John Hewitt 27-Sep 1693  
Mary Knight William Hill 21-Sep 1738  
Elizabeth Knight Thomas Horner? 02-Dec 1694  
Elizabeth Knight Richard Jennings 02-Feb 1719 he of Froxfield
Joan Knight Humphrey King 12-Jan 1695  
Sarah Knight William Musgrove 24-Mar 1724  
Margaret Knight Christopher Porter 08-Jun 1703  
Anne Lad? John xxxxxxxx 18-Jun 1708  
Mary Langrish Richard Budd 17-Jan 1723  
Elizabeth Langrish John Guy 15-Apr 1734  
Elizabeth Langrish William Upsdale 20-Oct 1702  
Joan Langrish? Thomas xxxxxxxx 29-May 1689  
Ann Legge John Willxxxx? 21-May 1700  
Martha Leggitt George King 05-Feb 1740  
Hannah Lillywhite John Chase 23-May 1737  
Eliza Lock John Collins 04-Jul 1700  
Rachel Lock Thomas Guy 18-Oct 1716  
Mary Long Henry Bulbeck 19-Sep 1729  
Mary Long Robert Burt 17-Jun 1679  
Margaret Long George Fleet 07-May 1697  
Mary Long Robert Searle 19-Sep 1704 both of Awbridge?
Ann Long John Tanner 25-Oct 1696  
Mary Lord Richard Lyde 04-Sep 1705  
Dorothy Lovell Edward Lyde 03-Apr 1716 both of Buriton
Mary Luckford Robert Richards 10-Oct 1721 he of Priorsdean, she of Empshot
Elizabeth Luff Richard Biden 26-Jun 1694  
Barbara Luff Thomas Bookard 07-Nov 1688  
Eleanor Lympass? John Bone 12-Aug 1737 he of Hinton
Sarah Maidlow William Bone 19-May 1701  
Anne Martin George Whore? 02-Feb 1709  
Jane May Nicholas Chase 14-Jan 1687  
Mary Meacher? Thomas Bodecker 04-Jan 1736  
Susannah Mills John James 10-Feb 1695  
Marjory Mixxxton Thomas Bourton 09-Jul 1683  
Mary Money Stephen Rathell? 18-Nov 1705 both of Ropley
Mary Moulins Anthony Aburrow 12-Feb 1702  
Mary Munday Thomas Noyes xxxxx 1718 she a widow
Mary Musgrave Joseph Patrick 19-Jun 1677  
Elizabeth Musgrove John Parvin 17-Apr 1707  
Anne Musgrove Thomas Webb 30-Sep 1731  
Mary Naine? William Newland 05-Dec 1704 she of Petersfield
Elizabeth Nash William Hounsome 04-Jul 1710 he of Privett
Sarah Newlins William Bridger 08-May 1702 She of Sussex
Elizabeth Noall William Baker 26-Apr 1686  
Mary Norman William Ford 28-Jun 1737  
Elizabeth Norman Thomas Parvin 01-Oct 1735  
Anne Padwin? Phillip Bowler? 04-Feb 1723 he of London, she of Winchester
Elizabeth Page John Judge 16-Apr 1732  
Katherine Page Thomas Leg 15-Jan 1716  
Elizabeth Page xxxxxx Stuxxxxxx 23-Apr 1689  
Jane Paige William Sharyer 10-Jun 1723 she a widow
Elizabeth Painter John Page 04-Apr 1713 he of Chiverton, Wiltshire
Alice Palley Richard Corps 01-Dec 1738  
Martha Palmer John Hake 15-Nov 1716  
Mary Pane John Stephens 27-Oct 1686  
Alison? Pannett? William Gale 25-Feb 1689  
Susannah Parker Thomas Brown 17-Jan 1690  
Elizabeth Parvin William Musgrove? 13-Sep 1705 he of Petersfield
Elizabeth Parvin? William Pook 04-Feb 1706  
Elenor Peat Thomas Randell 16-Jun 1702 both of Catherington
Elizabeth Perrys William Eames 26-Sep 1720 she of Liss
Anne Phillips Anthony Tribe 14-Nov 1688  
Jane Pink Robert Anholt 17-Dec 1678  
Ann Pink Thomas Banford? 29-Jan 1699  
Elizabeth Pink John Channel 28-Feb 1709 both of Warnford
Martha Pink Richard Jarman 19-May 1698  
Jane Pink William Paige 09-Oct 1701  
Anne Pink Robert Pink 27-Mar 1714 both of Warnford
Olive? Pink xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 1689  
Elizabeth Pitt William Lock 15-Oct 1697  
Joan Pitt John Richards 15-Jun 1708  
Mary Pocock Thomas Aburrow 23-Sep 1705 she of Havant
Anne Pratt John Hoare 29-May 1712 both of Southwick
Dorothy Price? John Kent? 17-May 1708 she of ?
Mercy Prior Thomas Smith  08-Apr 1709  
Elizabeth Ralphe John Baker 10-Oct 1721  
Elizabeth Randall John Booker 24-Feb 1695  
Elizabeth Randall John Cloverly 19-Nov 1678  
Ann Randall John Colbrook 10-Dec 1693  
Mary Randall Thomas Habin 27-Jun 1697  
Martha Randall John Luff 15-Oct 1697  
Anne Randall Henry White 29-Jul 1708  
Anne Randell John Aburrow 03-Nov 1715  
Eleanor Rathwell John Mersh 02-Oct 1712 she of Westmeon
Hannah Reading Francis Lillywhite 04-Apr 1705  
Elizabeth Richards? Anthony Musgrove 13-Jul 1679  
Mary Roddeway William Bone 23-Apr 1727 he of Hambledon
Elizabeth Rood William Hall 27-Oct 1713  
Margaret Rook? Thomas xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 1689  
Ann Rumbold Robert Nash 17-Jun 1694  
Elizabeth Russel Thomas Neller 08-Oct 1710 she of Wild
Mary Russel James Yates 18-May 1710 she of Bighton
Mary Salter John Barnard 05-Aug 1726 he of Petersfield, she of Blendworth
Mary Shayer Paul Stigant 13-Nov 1735  
Jane Shayer Richard Stubbs 01-May 1735  
Elizabeth Simming? Robert Taylor 11-Apr 1708 he of Sussex, she of Greatham
Sarah Sims William Vicary 04-Oct 1710 she of Warnford
Jane Smith Richard Watts 23-Oct 1723 both of Petersfield
Martha Standwick? John Corps 17-Jan 1693  
Elizabeth Steele William Aburrow 09-Sep 1678  
Rebbeca Steele John Aburrow 26-Dec 1710  
Anne Steele William Brown 18-Oct 1723  
Susannah Steele Thomas Bulbeck 21-Jan 1697  
Elizabeth Steele Henry Christmas 06-Apr 1725  
Mary Steele Edward Cranbourne 11-May 1715 he of Chichester.
Amy Steele James Luff 29-Jun 1702  
Hestor Stigant John Richards 04-Apr 1725 sha a widow
Elizabeth Stoake Edward Willoughby 02-Aug 1709 she of Portsmouth
Anne Storigg? John Waller 19-Jun 1683  
Mary Storner? Richard Varndell? 24-Apr 1707  
Elizabeth Succott Nicholas Hillar 13-Jun 1715  
Sarah Sylvester William Hollier 30-Jul 1704 both of Hambledon
Marjory Sylvester William Norman 16-Jan 1682  
Lucy Sylvester William Powell 29-Oct 1735  
Jane Sylvester Thomas Spencer 29-Nov 1713 he of Kilmiston
Margery Sylvester? Ralf Txxx? 14-Oct 1685  
Elizabeth Symes Thomas Clarke 04-Jan 1703  
Anne Symes James Lockett 17-Jun 1706 he of Bishops Waltham
Elizabeth Symonds William Lock 10-Jun 1712 she of Petersfield
Jane Thomas Robert Sutton 27-Mar 1688  
Mary Thorp John Lancaster 04-Nov 1705 she of Colemore
Anne Tribe Thomas Bates 01-Nov 1724  
Katherine? Tribe William New 17-Dec 1736  
Ann Tribe John Restall 27-Nov 1691  
Susannah Tribe William Wilkins 20-Feb 1715 both of Petersfield, she a widow
Elizabeth Tuckett? James Baker 17-Dec 1684  
Ann Tyer William Biden 27-Oct 1696  
Elizabeth Upsdale John Naish 22-Jul 1739  
Elizabeth Voller Richard Collins 29-May 1727  
Anne Voller Richard Sutton 19-May 1709  
Frances Waite Thomas Norman xxxxx 1718  
Elizabeth Walsh Thomas Collins 18-Oct 1683  
Sara Waltham John Hodson 08-Oct 1710  
Elizabeth Webb Daniel Ford 02-Oct 1699  
Susannah Webb John Stanton 31xx 1690  
Anne Wells Nathan Harding 18-Jul 1739  
Mary Wells Anthony Humphrey 11-Nov 1740  
Phoebe Westbrooke John Hebbgud? 30-Jan 1737  
Mary Whetstone John Edwards 19-Oct 1707  
Anne White Henry Collins 30-Sep 1725  
Sarah White Arthur Taylor 11-Apr 1716 He of Droxford
Elizabeth Whitehead Robert Hariner? 14-Sep 1698  
Sarah Whiting George Baker 12-Jul 1709 she of Porchester
Elizabeth Willard John Greenwood 22-May 1716 he of Romsey, she of Tarrington, Sussex
Anne Wise Edmund Humphreys 29-Jun 1703  
Elenor Wise Nicholas Powell 30-Jul 1693  
Margaret Ann Wolfe William Norman 30-Oct 1708  
x x x x 14-Jul 1682 unreadable
x x x x 16-Jan 1683 unreadable
Anne xxaxsman? Peter Grossmith 02-Jun 1685  
Barbara xxxxx Edward Blundon 15-Jan 1684  
Margaret xxxxx Thomas Booker 31-Oct 1683  
xxxxxx xxxxx Thomas Brewer 29-Nov 1686  
Anne xxxxx Thomas Coatnoll? 07-Feb 1685  
Mary xxxxx Richard Hoster? 20-Nov 1692  
Anne xxxxx John Styles 11-Jun 1684  
Elizabeth xxxxx William xxxxxxxx 17-Apr 1689  
Mary xxxxx Robert xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 1689  
xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 1689  
Mary xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 1690  
Elizabeth xxxxxxxxx? Thomas Earwaker 03-May 1708  
Elizabeth Yates William Goodchild 02-Mar 1712 he of Holybourne, she of Binsted
Ann Young William Noon? 10-Jan 1700  

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