Marriage Records from 1791-1830 for the Parish of Mentmore, Buckinghamhire

For the surname of NEWENS

Oct 13 1791	John Newens married Hannah Gates OTP
Jul 28 1798	Richard Newens of Cheddington Bucks married Mary Leach OTP by banns
Jan 13 1817	Thomas Newens of Grove married Mary Keen OTP by banns
		Wit Bernard Wilks and Matha Theen
Oct 11 1819	William (Bartlet) married Hannah Newens OTP by banns
		Wit John Bartlet and Mariah Newens
Nov 14 1830	John Nicholes of Leighton Buzzard married Sarah Newens OTP by banns
		Wit Thomas Newens and Mary Nicholes

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