Marriage Records from 1760-1857 for the Parish of Maids Moreton, Buckinghamhire

The Bans of marriage between Robert Goodman and Mary (Bate) both OTP
	was duly pub in this Church for the first time Nov 9
                                          Second Nov 16
                                          Third Nov 23 1760
Robert Goodman and Mary Bate were married (By banns) this day 30 Nov 1770
	By me William Hutton - Rector. Bride and Groom made their Mark X
	Wit Edward Whitehead and John Hobbs.
William Hobbs OTP married Mary Goodman of Bansangar Parish of (Pacfsenban) county of Northhampton,
	by banns 1st Sep 2 - 2nd 9 - 3rd 16th 1764
	did not find the marriage but prob within a week of the last banns. Married at Pacfsenban. 
John Goodman OTP married Elizabeth (Gayton) of Buckingham 15 Mar 1810
	Wit Robert Goodman.
William Goodman Parish of Wickam Northhampton
	married Mary King OTP by banns 27 June 1815. (16)
Richard Nicholls OTP married Harrett Goodman 23 Dec 1822
	Wit Mary Ann Nichols and Elizabeth Holt
Richard Warr of (Baldalor) married Jane Bennett OTP on 18 Oct 1827
	Wit (Ch T) Bennet and Maria Warr
George Henson married Henretta Goodman both OTP
	by banns 1st 11 Oct, 2nd 18 Oct 3rd 25 Oct married 1 Nov 1829
	Wit Richard Nichols mark of Elizabeth and Daniel
Banns of Henry Hurst of Lickham and Ann Goodman OTP
	1st 5 Dec, 2nd 12 Dec, 3rd 19 Dec 1841
	(did not find the marriage, may have married at the grooms parish)
Banns of Robert Goodman OTP and Ann Bryan of Foxcot
	1st 4 Jan 2nd 11 Jan 3rd 18 Jan 1857 by H Bathurst
	(again did not find the marriage sug Brides parish).

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